XING’s Apartment

Under Construction


2021 - present 

The project started with a specific material, which was specially appointed by the client, dark grey marble. To fulfil the client’s preference, we have decided to use “Quarry” as the main concept for this 200 sqm apartment. Marble represents the quarry’s main atmosphere and metal represents the industrial feeling of the quarry. Both materials can express the intimate feeling within this apartment, and these create a peaceful space for the client to stay away from the noisy outside world.



About Us

We are a London-and-Shanghai-based multidisciplinary art and curatorial practice retelling social stigmas through interactive films and space curation. We chose to reside in the in-between and recreate from the othered - the stigmatised - revealing and reinventing different versions of realities. We value a collaborative nature in our works, as we work closely with marginalised groups and always aim to provoke discussion with a wider audience across different fields.