Letters to Mr Tadpole

The 195th annual exhibition of the Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

In the nation, approximately 6.9 million people live without any legal identity due to these individuals being born outside the law of the one-child policy. Without IDs, many are forced to immigrate to cities where there is a high demand for illegal workers. Through an investigation into one such city, the project puts forward the claim that the state directly benefits from its own creation of a second-class citizen; from the cheap labour that it offers and the electronic manufacturing in the city that it allows to thrive.

The project can be read in two stages: The first is a constructed pseudo-fictional narrative. The core of this fiction is based on true found evidence, but fiction is consciously chosen as a medium that has a history of circulating dissident thought in an otherwise highly censored environment. The second is a body of evidence that is created to be used in a future claim for reparations for the non-identical population.

Single channel HD video, sound, color, 11’40”, drawing, text



About Us

We are a London-and-Shanghai-based multidisciplinary art and curatorial practice retelling social stigmas through interactive films and space curation. We chose to reside in the in-between and recreate from the othered - the stigmatised - revealing and reinventing different versions of realities. We value a collaborative nature in our works, as we work closely with marginalised groups and always aim to provoke discussion with a wider audience across different fields.