Hacking into the Filmic World


This project seeks to respond to the central question of Johanna Hedva’s “sick women theory”, what is an alternative way to speak out against gender inequalities when physical protest is not an option?

We initiated a service from December 2020 to July 2021 "Hacking into the

filmic world" to enable feminism advocacy. Films are highly censored and rhetoric. The narrative of a good woman changes over varying policies. A set of tools have been developed; alternating filmic elements and narratives. With these tools, we have collaborated with more than 15 women to hack into films to change the narratives of good women and advocate for their rights.

Single channel HD video, sound, color, 11’40”, drawing, text



About Us

We are a London-and-Shanghai-based multidisciplinary art and curatorial practice retelling social stigmas through interactive films and space curation. We chose to reside in the in-between and recreate from the othered - the stigmatised - revealing and reinventing different versions of realities. We value a collaborative nature in our works, as we work closely with marginalised groups and always aim to provoke discussion with a wider audience across different fields.